Introducing FMOD Studio Course

Introducing FMOD Studio Course

Introducing FMOD Studio Course
Introducing FMOD Studio Course
Introducing FMOD Studio Course
Introducing FMOD Studio Course

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About Introducing FMOD Studio Course

What do many of the top selling video games have in common? FMOD! That’s right, this robust, audio middleware has all the tools that professional composers and sound designers employ to construct, effect and perform the vast amount of interactive audio layers used to build video game sound tracks. After watching this course you, too, will have the knowledge to begin designing your own game audio universes in FMOD Studio.

Constructing a game audio soundtrack with its multiple layers of interactive music and FX is a very complicated process. That’s where audio middleware like FMOD Studio comes into play. FMOD is designed to work side-by-side with the industry’s mega-game design platforms ensuring that all your music and effects will follow the players’ (and the game’s) every action. This course familiarizes you with all of FMOD’s unique tools and shows you how and when to use them.

So turn off your Xbox (unless you’re watching this course on it), download the free FMOD Studio software and join game music “sflogicninja” David Earl as he injects you into the world of FMOD Studio. Mastering this program is a huge step to getting you into the lucrative and challenging world of game audio!

Key features

  • Featuring our industry specialist trainer, David Earl !
  • This course on FMOD Studio will show you everything you need to know!
  • Including a fully interactive interface!
  • With 27 videos, and 1 hour and 56 minutes of valuable reference material!
  • So if you're looking to learn FMOD Studio, look no further...
  • This Ask.Video course is the best and fastest way to learn it !