Food For Change

Food For Change

Six major categories with fun games, quizzes and stuff to read and learn.
What does a vegan eat? What is the difference between a vegetarian and a pescatarian? Find the answers to these questions and more.
Food themed match three game for fun.
Over 5 dozen recipes for vegan/vegetarian meals with color images and full instructions. Search by meal type, genre, or other options.
Six fun quizzes to challenge your knowledge and entertain your thoughts.
Word scramble - Challenge your brain.
Fun Facts and Stats about being vegan, healthy eating and food waste.
Learn about seaweed and regenerative ocean farming.  The future of food!
Create a weekly menu and shopping list.

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About Food For Change

The time for action is now! The time for harmony is now! We must learn to live in harmony with our planet and with ourselves. There is no denying the sweeping and devastating impact man has on the environment and the world. We cannot continue on this path forever; it leads to no good end. The time for change is now! It is your time! Your time to lead the revolution; be the instrument of change. The Harmony Now Series will ultimately include five separate Apps each with their own focus, but all centered on green-living and environmental protection. It all begins with Sixth Mass Extinction.

Planet-friendly foods are often weight-friendly foods too. Green eating provides a wealth of benefits for both you and the planet. But what exactly is “green-eating” and how does it benefit the environment? Food for Change examines the emerging green food movement and discovers planet-friendly food options. What we choose to eat affects both our health and the health of the planet. The carbon costs of raising beef cattle, dairy cows, lamb, and pork when compared to fruits and vegetables is astounding. Being vegan or vegetarian is a serious commitment, but the rewards are substantial. Food For Change is there to help, recipes and alternative food choices abound.

Key features

  • Add free, fun, easy learning for every generation and people of all ages.
  • Games and puzzles with vegan/vegetarian themes
  • Over 60 vegan/vegetarian friendly recipes with full instructions and pictures
  • Suggested careers for 2030 and beyond
  • Seaweed???? Of course, it’s the food of the future and we have the recipes to prove it