Forest Growing: Productivity Timer

Forest Growing: Productivity Timer

Forest Growing: Productivity Timer
Forest Growing: Productivity Timer
Forest Growing: Productivity Timer

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About Forest Growing: Productivity Timer

Forest Grow is an efficient way to BECOME more CONCENTRATED and disciplined!
Just launch the app and choose a tree which will grow while you’re STAYING AWAY from your phone.
Feel free to FOCUS totally on your current tasks and duties.

As a reward for your patience, virtual trees will remind you of your “computer-free” time records!


  • You should remember while a tree is growing you can’t use other functions of the computer, otherwise a tree will perish.


  • The default time for the full growing process is 30 minutes, however you can make it longer.


  • Try to grow as many trees as you can, and you will improve your concentration skill!


  • Every tree will remind you how much time you have spent with benefit.

Forest Grow features:

  • Useful tool in becoming more disciplined
  • Focus on your current tasks - leave the computer for a while
  • 15 virtual trees of patience to grow
  • Special timers and notes showing your time records
  • Your own forest full of wonderful trees

Forest Grow is a new special app really able to help people addicted to their computers.
You’ll get a whole virtual forest by learning to live without the phone at least for a while!

Some features may only be available with subscription: access to premium tree types (secret, apple, sakura), different time settings, no ads

The free version offers one regular tree and one secret tree, 20 minute time limit for growing trees, addition of notes, goal checklists, history of planted trees, with ads

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