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About Freehand Painter

Sketch and Paint your Ideas Digitally.

Put your paints, brushes and canvas aside!  Freehand Painter helps you create vector-based impressive paintings with brilliant effects on your PC or Tablet.  You can try out different artistic styles in this easy to use application.  Just doodle on your touch screen to create realistic paintings with your fingers.

You can achieve the expressiveness of natural media with vector graphics.  Its simple user interface keeps everything at your fingertips.  It is ideal for anyone who wants to paint or draw on their touch screen computer.

Design attractive logos, or create eye-catching web graphics with the simple and adjustable brush tool.  Adjust the size of brush tool, with the sliding scale to create colorful lines of various thickness.  Use a preset color palette or make your own unique color ranges, to give your painting a professional look and feel.

Make your artwork perfect by using Freehand Painter’s editing tools.  Use the lasso selection to select a shape, just by dragging a marquee around it.  Instead of erasing your painting pixel-by-pixel, use the stroke eraser.  It erases the entire stroke that you have drawn.  You can compose a painting with several independent layers using the layer functionality.

Retouch your painting with a simple click to get lots of amazing effects on your work.  Freehand Painter uses the standard ISF(Ink serialized Format) format to save your artwork.

Unleash your creativity with Freehand Painter!  You’ll be amazed how easy it is to create good graphics, without having to spend hours on designing or paying for expensive training.

Features at a Glance:
1. Create Remarkable Artwork
· Create Vector Based Graphics with ease.
· Gives an eye-catching hand drawn look for your creativity.
· Save your imagination into standard ISF Format.
· Export your Artwork as PNG, BMP, JPG or GIF file. 
· View and create your artwork in full screen mode.

2. Natural Painting Tools
	· Create 100s of vibrant colors to work with.
	· Realistic paint brush strokes.
	· Adjust transparency level for color variations.

3. Retouch Your Painting
	· Erase entire stroke with a single tap.
	· Free-form selection using Lasso tool.
	· Use Undo and Redo actions, to correct your mistakes.
	·  Clear your workspace in a single click.

4. Creativity With Touch Support
	· Easiest way to get creative with your touch screen device.
	· Use the gestures supported by Windows touch interface.

Key features

  • * Touch Support
  • * Natural Painting Tools
  • * Retouch Your Painting
  • * Creativity With Touch Support
  • * Select Objects or Strokes
  • * Arranging and Resizing Objects
  • * Export Artwork
  • * Adjust Brush Size and Opacity