With a crisp, elegant design, GameKeeper's home page makes it easy to navigate to your favorite features.
GameKeeper simplifies your game with easy-to-use digital dice designed to be perfectly fair with results.
Gamekeeper can also roll two six-sided dice in case you are playing certain board games such as Monopoly.
Should it be necessary, GameKeeper even has your back with three six-sided dice.
Finally, GameKeeper is equipped with a fully digital scoreboard capable of handling up to 14 players. It can track a player's name and score, and it saves that information automatically so you can navigate to a different function of the app or even close the app entirely and return to find your scores still there.
For more complex games such as Dungeons and Dragons, GameKeeper can roll four-sided dice.
GameKeeper can also roll two four-sided dice.
Lastly, should it be necessary, GameKeeper can roll three four-sided dice.

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About GameKeeper

Are you a competitive board game-player who likes to keep score? Or just a family person who wants to keep track of family games? Tired of marking your scores on scraps of paper or trying to find dice right before you play a game? GameKeeper, a gameplay tool, will help you keep score and roll dice digitally. GameKeeper takes the hassle out of playing games so you can focus on what you most want to do: play the game. GameKeeper is unique in that it’s under active development (watch for new features coming soon!), completely free, and contains no ads or in-app purchases. Whether you are participating in a casual family game of Monopoly or a Dungeons and Dragons championship, GameKeeper has you covered.

Key features

  • Six-sided dice roller for one, two, or three dice at a time.
  • Four-sided dice roller for one, two, or three dice at a time.
  • Digital score keeper with temporary autosave and capacity for up to 14 players.