Gap Messenger Desktop

Gap Messenger Desktop

Gap Messenger Desktop
Gap Messenger Desktop
Gap Messenger Desktop

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About Gap Messenger Desktop

Gap Messenger is a unique cloud-based messenger with multi-device capability

Information & Entertainment
Gap is a messenger full of useful services that are available to you. Such as; games, entertainment, and other practical information. Choose your content or topics and enjoy easy access to the information that you need. Have a more fun and unique messaging experience using all of Gap’s special features.

Chat and create Groups
Gap works on various platforms such as Android, IOS and there’s even a web version. Thanks to this you can be online anywhere, anytime, with the joys of high speed, easy access, and Gap’s attractive interface. You can easily set up group chats to get all of your friends involved, so no one’s left out.

Send photos & videos
They say a picture paints a thousand words, so with Gap, you can send photos, videos, and stickers to make sure friends and family don’t miss out on a thing. Send photos and videos to anyone you like and keep them updated. Gap will make sure to capture those sweeter moments.

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