Blood gas

Blood gas

Display panel of calculation results. On this page you can view the calculations made by the application together.
Acid-base status assessment page. In this page it is possible to visualize several calculated variables related to the study of acid-base disorders, as well as the compensatory responses and the presence or absence of the possible disorders.
Oxygenation status evaluation page. On this page you can view calculations related to the oxygenation and ventilation process.
Parameters page. Here you enter the data of a given sample.
Page of illustrations. This page contains several illustrations that can be used to prepare seminars and other presentations.
Gaso presents a search system that uses some of the various fields of the sample allowing a given record to be located quickly.

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About Blood gas

Intended for health professionals such as medical, nursing and physiotherapy students, medical professionals, nurses and physiotherapists, Gaso is an application aimed at complementing the study of acid-base disorders and of oxygenation and ventilation in clinical practice, allowing not only the analysis of the disturbances, but also suggesting the presence of this or that acid abnormality, has a panel that generates several calculations (which often take time) allowing the user a more comprehensive view of the disorders and therefore a better understanding of them.

Through an intuitive interface the user can insert the data of a gasometry sample, edit them, can also insert a sample with fictitious values ​​and evaluate the trends of the calculated parameters correlating with what is taught in the bibliographical references on the subject.

It has an algorithm of acid-base interpretation based on consecrated books of nephrology and emergency according to the physiological approach of the acidobasic disorders, that already takes into account diverse details and aspects that influence in the final interpretation of the disturbances as the correction of the gap anion for the concentration of albumin or correction of sodium concentration for glycemia.

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  • Access to the oxygenation page can be purchased as a supplement, and is not part of the free version
  • Access to the illustrations page can be purchased as a complement, and is not part of the free version
  • Access to the print function can be purchased as a complement, and is not part of the free version.

Key features

  • Allows the recording and storage of the parameters of a blood gas sample
  • Lets you search the data for a given sample
  • Finds the possible acid-base disturbances of a given sample
  • It calculates several variables referring to the analysis of a acid-base disorder
  • Calculates several variables related to oxygenation and ventilation analysis
  • Allows you to change the color of the application theme between light and dark
  • English Language Support
  • Provides access to illustrations for use in presentations
  • Allows the acquisition of new features according to user preferences.