Give me the password

Give me the password

Give me the password
Give me the password
Give me the password

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About Give me the password

This application – is a highly customizable tool for generating passwords. Suitable both for those who need to create a password in a single click, and for those who need a lot of settings.
Application features:

  • Create a password and a PIN using system and user presets;
  • Create a password by the parameters (length and the presence of different registers, numbers, special characters);
  • Create a password by the mask (specified at what point should be one or the other character);
  • Save your presets for password parameters and for mask for quick access to their creation from the home page;
  • Synchronization presets and settings on different devices (if they are attached to the same Microsoft account).
    This application is absolutely free and by the default does not show ads, but if you want to help the developers, then in the settings you can enable ads (rectangular banner at the bottom of the application) or donate us a small amount of money.
    About your wishes, suggestions and bugs report write in the application using the “Feedback” button.

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