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About GlassCockpit

GlassCocpit is a litle tool that inserts technical informations about your computer onto Windows desktop like wall paper but alive !

You follow the variation of certain information in real time.

  • CPU consumption
  • GPU consumption
  • Physical RAM consumption
  • Information about physical memory
  • Information about storage volumes (local and connected)
  • The state of the computer’s power supply
  • IP and MAC addresses
  • Precise operating system informations (version, build, etc.)
  • Processors characteristics (CPU and GPU)
  • The different versions of engines type ADO, MSI ODBC
  • The characteristics of the connected video monitor

GlassCockpit is installed transparently above your windows desktop in order to always leave you the choice of your wallpaper image.
You can place each measuring instrument wherever you want on the screen using the graphical interface.

GlassCockpit has French and English language.

A control panel allows you to select the informations to display.

GlassCockpit consumes very few resources and will allow you to follow the general life of your computer in real time.

Technical support: [email protected]

Key features

  • Show technical informations about your computer onto your Windows desktop like wall paper but alive ! (CPU/GPU/RAM etc...)