Glutes Workout - 30 Day Challenge

Glutes Workout - 30 Day Challenge


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About Glutes Workout - 30 Day Challenge

Trainings consist of 50 different bodyweight exercises to do at home (buttocks exercises, legs exercises, hips exercises, calves exercises,
abs exercises, glute exercises, exercises for bum, legs abs and buttocks workout, toned body workout, flat stomach workout),
which can be done at home without taking much time and will help you to reduce tummy, lose body fat, lose leg fat, lose arm fat, lose butt fat.

All weight loss workout programs have been elaborated by professional fitness coaches and divided into three levels of difficulty workout routines

Formation of good habit takes 30 days, that is why each fat burner program of training is effective for three weeks in order
to make physical activity an integral part of your life and help you have the desired shape. Each day has different weight loss workout plan with best exercises to lose weight.
For maximum effect, we strongly recommend to keep to the program by the elaborated schedule and stick to a good dietðŸ.

If you have some restrictions: injuries, headaches, illnesses, consult with a doctor before starting physical activities.
We are not responsible for injuries that you may suffer during trainings.


  • No equipment , all you need is your body weight, only bodyweight fitness
  • Exercises for full body (abs, back, buttocks, glutes, butt, hips, legs)
  • Track you progress with ease
  • Daily workout reminders
  • Home exercises for men and women
  • Strength training at home
  • 50 exercises for full body workout: abs exercises, exercises for butt, exercises for arms, exercises for legs.
  • Home workout app offline
  • Without gym for men and women
  • Toned body workout
  • Tracking your weight by chart

You can track your weight loss progress in graphs and clearly count your calories. You can also set targets for self-encouragement.
Since exercise intensity increases step-by-step, don’t forget to take a break every three days so your body can adjust.

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