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About Gorrilla

Information platform of free parking spaces on public roads, for sharing.

With this application you. You can access location information free parking spaces in public roads, which have been reported by others using the free function.

In the area you set. You can determine the radius in meters that the system has to explore to present available. The minimum range is 200 meters and the maximum of 2000 meters.

It has a feature called plan map showing their location and the available seats in the selected range.

Another feature available is the interactive map that is updated by moving where the vacancies are located, as well as specific action within the setting.

This is a collaborative platform, remember that the vacancies are reported by other users, which facilitates the search for parking, so expect your cooperation so much to report when using an offer of admission, as that report when it releases a square when leave the park or report available seats on its daily motion detected.

The system when a parking spot is chosen, eliminating availability.
The squares informed as free unoccupied, are automatically removed from the platform periodically to make the system more flexible and useful as possible.

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