Groupic - Easily sort your photos

Groupic - Easily sort your photos

Groupic - Easily sort your photos
Groupic - Easily sort your photos
Simply drag and drop all of your favourite photos into the application
Choose your desired output folder
Congratulations. You are done sorting your photos into an organised folder structure
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About Groupic - Easily sort your photos

Groupic lets you sort and organize your photo collection in an easy way.

Simply drag and drop your photo collection and let us do the rest. Groupic will analyse, rename and automatically sort all your favourite images. If geo data is available it will even group them by location.

How does Groupic work?

  • Open the application
  • Drag and drop your unsorted photo collection into the application window
  • Give Groupic some time to gain an overview of your favourite photos
  • In the meantime choose from a variety of options on how Groupic should output your collection. You can choose from a total of three presets.
  • Additionally you can decide what should happen with the leftover photos inside your source photo collection
  • If you got geotagged photos you can also opt-in to additionally sort by country and city
  • Once done select an output folder and let Groupic do the rest
  • Enjoy your sorted photo collection

By pressing INSTALL you agree to install Groupic as well as all available updates.

Key features

  • - Reading metadata from your photos
  • - Sorting photos based on geo location data
  • - Choose from a variety of three presets
  • - Nextcloud compatible grouping and sorting
  • - Renaming photos
  • - Duplicate detection
  • - Sort by Year/Month/Country/City (Country and City only if opted-in)
  • - Detect newly added USB drives (Currently no iPhone, Camera and Android support)