GST Doctor ITC Matching Software

GST Doctor ITC Matching Software

GST Doctor ITC Matching Software
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ITC Matching Software

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About GST Doctor ITC Matching Software

This software requires an additional software Microsoft Excel to function properly. This software compares GST Input Tax Credit taken by a registered person and GSTR-2A that is populated in the GST Portal.
It provides two very important information.

  1. Helps auditor in finding if the registered person has taken wrong Input Tax Credit.
  2. Helps the registered person check if their supplier has not/wrongly filed their GSTR 1.
    This software can compare two files even if the data in them is in different formats or if there is a typing mistake in the data. It will precisely tell you what kind of mistake has been made and by which party. And in case of non-filing of return by the supplier it will detect the corresponding invoices and suppliers.
    This is the Trial Version of the software and supports only upto 5000 invoices. For large data purchase Pro version from Microsoft Store.
    For instructions and help please visit

Key features

  • Matching of GST ITC Taken by the registered person with GSTR-2A. Fast and Accurate Algorithm
  • Scrutiny of GST Returns
  • Progress bar on the main page to show the progress and help estimating time remaining