Hands Free Cake Book

Hands Free Cake Book

Selected cake with ingredients.
Navigate your cookbook easily using our hand gesture functionality.
Allow permissions in order to be amazed.
5 easy steps to bake delicious cakes.
Try our exotic range of hand picked cakes.

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About Hands Free Cake Book

Baking cakes could never be any more fun!! This app is basically a cookbook only for cakes.What makes this app unique and fun to use is the usage of gestures to maneuver through the steps.Using this app,you can use your laptop or tablet at a safe distance from your cooking bench and use your natural hand gestures to explore a variety of mouth watering cakes and bake them yourselves in only 5 easy steps.

Key features

  • This app contains the recipes of easy to make hand picked cakes.
  • Navigate easily and quickly using natural hand gestures.
  • Learn how to bake cakes in a fun way.
  • Each cake can be made in 5 easy steps.