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About Health Organizer

Record and Track the medical information for yourself and your loved ones is at your fingertips with the HealthOrganizer. This application for Windows 8 allows you to manage information for each family member using five main categories:

  • Members: Set and review information such as insurance info, allergies, immunizations, and even blood type. A picture display of each member makes sure you access data for the right person.
  • To Do: Create a list and reminders for medications, appointments, procedures, or any other medical or non-medical items. Connect the To Do events to the Windows 8’s Calendar application.
  • Contacts: Access medical contact info manually, or by importing data from your Windows 8’s People application.
  • Medications: List all prescribed medications including purpose, description, frequency, and the prescribing physician. You can link to MedlinePlus for detailed info on the medication. You can even include a picture of each medication to make it easier to identify the correct one for the family member. Share medication list with your pharmacy or your doctor.
  • Logs: Log appointments, medications, health history, and other personalized (user defined) measurements to produce reports as text or graphically. You can then email these text reports.

All information can be as detailed as you like. Example: For medications, you can specify not only the medication’s name, dose, and purpose, but whether or not it is taken as a pill or injection, how often, and the prescribing physician.

Managing family members’ health with Health Organizer is easy. This app is valuable for family members, patients, necessary for their care takers, and will greatly appreciated by the medical staff.

Whether you are healthy and just want to track your weight, or not so healthy and want to manage complex medical procedures – Health Organizer is the app for you!

Backup your data into your SkyDrive account.

For detailed instructions on how to use the application please refer to our website, for a link to the application’s manual.

Key features

  • Managing Family Members Records and Information
  • Managing Mebmers ToDo Lists
  • Managing Mebmers Medication Lists
  • Managing Mebmers Contact Lists
  • Managing Mebmers Log List
  • Customizing which Measurements to track
  • Practice with Test Data
  • Graph Measurements Data
  • Track Family History
  • Track Family Allergies
  • Track Family Immunizations
  • Track Medical History
  • Track Family Appointments
  • Link to Medication Information
  • Share Log Information by e-mail
  • Take Medication Pictures
  • Take Pictures to be associated with Log Entries
  • Filter ToDo and Logs Lists
  • SkyDrive support for data backup
  • Track your Weight, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Sugar, Excersize, etc.