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About HealthWare InTouch

HealthWare InTouch is one of the easiest clinical point of care systems to use. Just sync and go! No internet connection is required for your nurses when at the patient’s home, and they will have access to the patient’s entire chart including the current medications and plan of care. If your agency deals with Patient Driven Grouping Model (PDGM), InTouch and the HealthWare family of applications are the tools you need to prosper under PDGM.

InTouch allows for easy navigation, helping to reduce your nurses’ workload and reduce the amount of time your nurses need to spend in the office. Along with these cost saving benefits; your agency will save in other ways:

• No more need for data entry from handwritten forms
• Decreases billing turn-around time
• Most recent patient information readily available to all staff

The best feature of InTouch is that it is a fully integrated part of the HealthWare family of healthcare applications. Information entered at the point of care flows quickly and smoothly into the patient’s medical record and automatically feeds into scheduling and billing. Assessment information can be used to automatically calculate the case mix group (PPS or PDGM) and trigger the creation of related billing, Plan of Treatment and Care Plan. This greatly improves the speed and efficiency of claims processing which in turn helps to improve cash flow.

Key features

  • Patient Clinical Documentation
  • Change Orders
  • Care Planning
  • Patient History
  • Patient Medications
  • Patient Demographics