HearMax Super Hearing Aid & Sound Amplifier

HearMax Super Hearing Aid & Sound Amplifier


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About HearMax Super Hearing Aid & Sound Amplifier

HearMax Super Hearing Aid & Hearing Amplifier is the ultimate super hearing aid and sound amplifier to amplify and boost external sounds from your phone microphone for super hearing or better hearing with your ears using headset, headphone, earbuds and earphones.

The super hearing aid app and hearing amplifier features of HearMax make it possible to amplify sound from any sound source simply by placing your phone near sources of sound such as Speaker, Television, Radio, Laptop, etc. and tapping Listen.

HearMax Super Hearing Aid & Hearing Amplifier, also commonly known as sound amplifier, ear agent, hearing aid app for android, and sound booster, helps with hearing loss or hearing problems so you can hear better and louder and communicate more effectively, know what’s going on around you, and eliminate danger.

The super hearing aid, sound amplifier, hearing amplifier or ear agent utilizes the powerful audio features of Android to bring you super hearing based on your phone’s capabilities. HearMax is a super hearing aid app and sound amplifier or hearing amplifier app merged into one powerful application for better hearing on android. You can connect a wireless hearing devices such as wireless headsets, earbuds or wireless headphone to listen to amplified sound using this ear agent super hearing aid and sound amplifier.

HearMax is the latest super hearing aid app and ear agent hearing amplifier app designed for amplified hearing on Android. Use the ear agent or sound amplifier features to boost sound for your ears.


  1. Hear better during one-on-one conversations and meetings.
  2. Ear agent for super hearing during an event where the speaker is far away from you.
  3. Amplify and listen to sound from your Television, Radio, Laptop while you relax, work out, cook, or do your daily tasks from a far distance.
  4. Hearing aid to restore your hearing to normal levels against hearing loss.
  5. Use as hearing aid when you lose your medically prescribed hearing aid.
  6. Experience the power of a super hearing ear agent app for android.


  1. High-Quality Sound Feedback
  2. Sound Amplifier & Ear Agent
  3. Cancellation of Acoustic Echo (AEC)
  4. Equalizer & Presets
  5. Bass Booster (BB)
  6. Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  7. Graphic Virtualizer
  8. MP3 Sound Recorder
  9. Volume Controller
  10. Noise Suppression
  11. Wave Visualizer
  12. Save your configurations and preferences
  13. Regular updates with new features, bug-fixes and your suggestions.


  1. Plug-in and connect headset or earphones to your smartphone. If you’re using a wireless headset, make sure Bluetooth is turned on and your hearing device is properly connected to your phone. You can play music to test functionality.

  2. Launch HearMax super hearing aid app for android and tap “Listen” for the hearing amplifier to capture and amplify sound into your headset!

  3. Put your phone near any source of sound for the hearing amplifier to capture and amplify sound in real-time.

  4. Listen to the amplified sound using your listening device connected to this ear agent.

Disclaimer: Use HearMax super hearing aid app and hearing amplifier for android for the purpose of amplified hearing. Avoid using it to invade the privacy of others.

Key features

  • Sound Amplifier / Sound Booster
  • Equalizer & Presets
  • Loudness Enhancer (LE)
  • Bass Booster (BB)
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
  • Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
  • Volume Controller
  • MP3 Sound Recorder
  • Save Configurations & Settings