HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro

HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro

HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro
HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro
HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro
HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro

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About HEIC Converter, Viewer - Pro

HEIC Converter, Viewer is a cool image viewer and converter.
It supports more than 170 formats of image.
Viewing, Printing, Saving As and Batch-Converting.

It has three features:
1.Open single image.
2.Open folder to preview the images in a gallery.
3.Batch convert images to a format as you want. Such as jpg, jpeg.(This feature will be opened in the next version )

The Viewer:

  1. Zoom in and zoom out the image as you want.
  2. Drag and drop the image to see part of the content.
  3. Open next image just one-click.
  4. Delete the image from disk just by one-click.
  5. Save as the image to the format you want.
  6. Preview images from a folder.
  7. Rotate the image.
  8. Print the image.

Batch Converter:

  1. Select images as many as you want.
  2. Choose the format you want to save as.
  3. Change the saving path.
  4. Batch convert just by one-click.
  5. See the converting status of every image.
  6. Enjoy the fast converting.

The list of supported formats is as follows:
PDF;heic; svg; svgz; ttf; tiff; tif; tga; svgz; bmp; jpg; jpeg; png; gif;jp2;ppm;nef;svg;arw;crw;bmp2;threefr; threeg2;threegp; a;arw;avs; b; bgr; bgra; bgro; bmp; bmp2; bmp3; c; cal;cals;canvas;caption;cin;clip;cmyk;cmyka;cr2; crw; cur; cut; dcm; dcr; dcx; dds; dfont; dib; dng; dpx; dxt1; dxt5; epdf; epi; eps; epsf; epsi; ept; ept2; ept3; erf; fax;file; fits; fractal; ftp; fts; g; g3; g4; gif; gif87; gradient; gray; graya; group4; hald; hdr; heic; hrz; http; https; icb;ico; icon; iiq; inline; ipl; j2c; j2k; jng; jnx; jp2; jpc; jpe; jpeg; jpg; jpm; jps; jpt; k; k25; kdc; label; m; m2v; mac; map; mask; mat; mef; miff;mng; mono; mpc;mrw; msl; msvg; mtv; mvg; nef; nrw; null; o; orf; otb; otf; pal; palm; pam; pango;pattern; pbm; pcd; pcds; pcl; pct; pcx;pdfa; pef; pes; pfa; pfb; pfm; pgm; pgx; picon; pict; pix; pjpeg; plasma;png; png00; png24; png32; png48; png64; png8; pnm; ppm;ptif; pwp; r; radialgradient; raf; ras; raw; rgb;rgba; rgbo; rgf; rla; rle; rmf; rw2; scr; screenshot; sct; sfw; sgi; six; sixel; sr2;stegano; sun; text; tga; tif; tiff; tiff64;tile; tim; ttc; ttf; txt; uyvy; vda; vicar; vid; viff; vips; vst; wbmp; wpg; x3f; xbm; xc; xcf; xpm; xv; y; ycbcr; ycbcra; yuv;emf; exr; flif; wmf; webp

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