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About Convert HEIC to JPG

The tools and software produced by SoftOrbits are completely awesome and user-friendly. This program HEIC to JPG Converter allows the user to convert pictures from one format to the other. You can have this amazing application by downloading it from the website of the SoftOrbits for free and getting registered.

Among the other various software of conversion, the HEIC to a jpg converter by SoftOrbits has quality features and options that make it extraordinary. Like all other programs launched by SoftOrbits are amazing for their specific purpose this software is ultimately best for its features.
HEIC to JPG converter easily converts .heic or .heif photos from your iPhone or iPad into any popular graphic format (JPG, PNG, it also supports RAW images (CRW, CR2, NEF, PEF, RAF, RAW, DNG, MNG, etc).
Batch Mode

Here comes the big advantage of using this application. The batch mode allows the user to convert several tons at the same time. After the program installation, you only have to access the storage and you can easily use this mode within a few clicks.

To register after installation of the program, you will have the experience of a spectacular and easier way to convert your favorite pictures on your Windows device to a more popular format such as JPG.

Do more than conversion

After converting the pictures you can easily edit them. You can add watermarks, logos, and text with a few clicks to apply filters and add effects to the converted picture. The user-friendly interface is easy to understand for the users and does not involve complexity.

You can do the whole conversion by transferring pictures from the Apple device to your Windows PC. Download the software from the website and install it on your device. Complete the registration process and you will explore a new and easier way to do the conversion.

The user-friendly interface will provide tutorials and you will understand the whole process through a step-by-step guide. The batch mode of this program provides various advantages. You can rename the whole batch of pictures at once. This will save time after editing while saving the pictures.

Quality Results

The user of a program is satisfied if the features of the program are easier to use and less complex along with a fast manipulation. The quality results, the addition of filters, and effects to the pictures in a way that makes the pictures more eye-catching are some pros of this program.

The program provides high-quality results and amazing features of the program are quite popular among users. It provides the best features to convert, add watermarks and logos, add different effects, crop or rotate the pictures, resize the images, and save your devices for later use.

Features like batch mode, editing after conversion, and saving the converted pictures to the device memory through an optimized process and user-friendly interface are the specialty of this program.

You only have to avail the internet connection for the free download of the program and you will be able to do a lot more than just conversion. You can easily access the website for download and get to do extraordinary stuff using this program.

HEIC Format

The iOS devices have a unique interface and usage options. The difference between both of these file formats is basically due to the specific operating systems. The Apple devices use a specific system for the storage of pictures and media. The format used to store pictures by iOS devices is HEIC. It is quite a reliable and popular format.

There are some limitations in this regard. It is difficult to use the pictures in this format on Android or Windows devices. So a format converter is required for this which converts the sHEIC format to some common format.

IPhone users are quite familiar with this file format. Apple devices use the HEIC (High-Efficiency Image Coding) format of images as it consumes lesser disk space and users can add thousands of pictures in phones without disk space issues. The HEIC format can be converted into a more popular image format such as JPG.

Windows or Android users can convert this format to others by simply using some software. This software accesses the images in HEIC format and converts them into JPG or any other. These are easy to handle software that makes it a facility for iPhone users to share their favorite pictures through Windows and Android devices.

Any user is able to check program’s functions before purchasing. The unregistered version has no functional limitations and only final result is protected.

Key features

  • Supports different formats
  • Keeps the folder structure of the resized photos
  • Batch mode uses all available processor cores
  • Protect your photos
  • Grayscale conversion