Helix Drop Bird

Helix Drop Bird


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About Helix Drop Bird

One tap tower ball controls,Go for the highest score possible, and progress for new challenges.
Avoid the yellow-colored slices of each platform. If you bounce on the normal green paint platform, you’ll simply jump, but if you bounce into the greencheese of a platform, you’ll lose game .

Key features

  • Easier to pick up and control than helix drop bird, and more addictive free ball games play
  • Controls via ball jump virtual analog stick or simple drag and swipe!
  • With 20 new color boom effects that becomes the only one and very sparkling in the drop bird
  • Match 5 or more ball jump in a line to crush them.
  • Match 5 ball games to create special lightning item can make a blast to destroy all helix drop bird games in a row or column.