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About Hide Data

Your secret is safe! With Hide Data you can easily encrypt and decrypt text, files and whole folders! And also, completely erase data from your hard drive!

Using AES 256 bits encryption, Hide Data is perfect for:
• Encrypt text;
• Files;
• Folders;
• Erase data

Forget about passwords! Use Portable Keys to encrypt and decrypt your stuff:
• You can create as many Portable Keys as you want;
• Use them for yourself or for groups;
• Build your own Keychain where you can manage all your keys;
• Store your keys on the cloud and use them only when you need them
• Load a temporary Portable Key and use it only once, it is never stored on any hard drive
• Create a Portable Key that only your computer and other can use

You think that “shif+delete” completely erases a file? No it doesn’t. With Hide Data you can completely wipe a file or folder from your hard drive leaving no trace behind.

Encrypt with one Portable Key or up to five of them. For example, if you have a group file that can only be seen by 2 people at the same time, encrypt it with each person Portable Key and erase the original file. A true “Eyes Only” file!

Easily share your encrypted files and Portable Keys. As soon encryption ends you can just select “Share”!

Hide Data - Your secret is safe!

Key features

  • Encrypt and Decrypt text, files and folders. Wipe data from hard drive. Use Portable Keys instead of passwords. Easy share encrypted files and Portable Keys.