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About Hologram Spinners 3D

Hologram Spinners 3D - this gaming app uses a unique technology that allows you to create a real hologram !
The hologram of the spinning spinner will be displayed on the screen of your device as in fantastic movies !
Spinner is a stylish toy for adults and children !
The tool acts as a kind of simulator for hands and fingers !
It is also an effective device for stress relief !
Rotation fascinate and soothe ! At the same time, the action looks incredibly beautiful !
There are several variations of the spinner with different visual effects !

Not long ago we thought it was not possible, but entertainment technology does not stand still !
Using the simplest design you can turn your gadget into a real 3D projector !
The resulting three-dimensional video will amaze anyone !
In order to achieve the desired result you will need :

  • A common plastic box from a CD (transparent) !
  • Office cutter !
    A piece of paper !
  • Scissors !
  • Pen !
  • Line !
  • Clear Scotch !

On a sheet of paper you need to draw a trapezoid: bottom base-6cm (2.3 in), top base 1cm (0.4 in), height 4cm (1.5 in) and cut it with scissors !
Then you need to disassemble the box from the CD and break off all the bumpers ! Clear plastic circle handle trapezoid and cut her with a box cutter !
Such trapezoids to make 4 pieces !
When they are ready, tape strips fasten 4 parts on the sides !
Start the app, and the resulting design with a smaller base put in the center of the device and enjoy the incredible spectacle !
Also in the app is a standard hologram for jokes and entertainment !
Show off the new features of your gadget !

Key features

  • In order to achieve the desired result you will need :
  • a common plastic box from a CD (transparent)
  • office cutter
  • a piece of paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • line
  • clear Scotch
  • NO ADS
  • Simulator