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About HumanWisdom

Be the best version of yourself, and unlock your potential with the HumanWisdom app – a guide to understanding yourself and living with wisdom:

  • Be less stressed and anxious

  • Be happy

  • Have relationships without conflict

  • Be emotionally intelligent

  • Be resilient

  • Develop empathy and communication skills

  • Live with compassion and a sense of peace

  • Be successful on the inside, and in the world

      Key features of the app:
  • Free to download and browse

  • 59 modules covering every aspect of being human

  • Get immediate help to deal with stress and anxiety

  • Then go deeper to understand the root cause

  • Wisdom stories

  • Discussion forum

  • Private online journal

  • Podcasts

  • Easy to understand, bite sized content

  • ‘Wisdom in your pocket’ to deal with life’s challenges

  • Share your wisdom with others

  • A daily dairy with questions for the day

Once you have browsed the free content you have the option to subscribe. The following modules are completely free:

  • Wisdom stories
  • Podcasts
  • Forum
  • Testimonials
  • 5 introduction modules
  • Some part of all the other modules

Understanding yourself helps you to understand others because deep down our minds function in similar ways, and this can improve all your relationships, at home and at work. Many of the problems we face are a reaction from our thinking to people and situations. Understanding where those reactions come from allows you to see things from different points of view, and that offers us fresh ways to respond. As a result, you can live with less stress and anxiety. Understanding all your emotions helps you be emotionally intelligent and this can contribute to your success in the world. We cannot control the challenges that life will throw at us, but living with wisdom offers us fresh ways to respond to them.

Download the app now and find out for yourself.

Key features

  • The HumanWisdom app helps you change your life