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About HZP

For the first time the Solfeggio Frequencies are at your fingertips with HZP. HZP is an ad-free music player that includes real time, lossless song conversion from 440Hz to any of the healing Solfeggio output frequencies such as 432Hz, 528Hz, 639Hz and more. It’s your music, made mindful!

With HZP you can change any music you have stored on your Windows PC to output in the Solfeggio Frequency that resonates best with your body, mind, and spirit. Whether you’re practicing yoga, meditating, listening casually or working - HZP makes finding your frequency as easy as pushing play.

This player is perfect for mindful music lovers and anyone who desires to optimize their listening experience. Don’t waste another moment converting files by hand! Allow HZP to automatically change the frequency of any song in your existing library so that you can tap into the power of relaxing and meditative frequencies with ease. It will improve your listening experience and benefit your body, mind, and soul.

Available output frequencies include:

174Hz - Known for Relieving Pain and Stress
285Hz - Known for Healing Tissue and Organs
396Hz - Known for Liberating Fear & Guilt
417Hz - Known for Wiping out Negativity
432Hz - Known for being the Miracle Tone of Nature
440Hz - Known as the Universal Standard
528Hz - Known for Repairing DNA
639Hz - Known for Bringing Love
741Hz - Known for Detoxifying Cells
852Hz - Known for Awakening Intuition
963Hz - Known for Connecting you to your Higher Self

Enhance your music even further with built in SYQEL visuals and transform your auditory experience into a fully immersive, mesmerizing visual art performance that will stimulate your senses.

HZP allows you to unlock the healing potential of the Solfeggio Frequencies at home from any device – making ancient medicine accessible for modern times. This new software is perfect for casual and easy listening, meditations, yoga classes, and mindful gatherings of all kinds. Elevate your listening experience with HZP. You’ll love what you hear!

Key features

  • Music Player
  • MP3 Player
  • 432 Hz Music Player
  • 528 Hz Music Player
  • 396 Hz Music Player
  • 417 Hz Music Player
  • 639 Hz Music Player
  • 741 Hz Music Player
  • 852 Hz Music Player
  • 963 Hz Music Player
  • Music Visualizer
  • Music Player With Music Visualizer