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IBS Fodmap

IBS Fodmap
IBS Fodmap
IBS Fodmap
IBS Fodmap

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About IBS Fodmap

This app was designed to aid my wife who suffers from IBS.

*When using the search facility please use singular not plural. IE: (Cranberry not Cranberries)

*Desktop users can scroll via mouse wheel or by clicking and holding down on picture and move

*Friendly FODMAPs Fruits now have a low sugar content indication

This app is split into two sections unfriendly FODMAPs (high FODMAP) and friendly FODMAPs (low FODMAP)

I wanted to produce a simple yet useful FODMAP app which could help her and maybe others who suffer from IBS and other digestive problems.

I have been collecting information from many sources over the last few years to help compile this app.

Due to the complex nature of our bodies some food types may effect others but not yourself, so please use this app only as a helpful guide not fact.

Key features

  • Search High and Low Fodmaps