Image Copy - Phone to PC Clipboard

Image Copy - Phone to PC Clipboard

Scan the QR code with the Android app to connect your phone with your computer.
Scan the QR code with the mobile app to connect your phone with your computer.
Take pictures using the mobile app.
The image instantly appears in your computer's clipboard - you can paste it in your documents or folders.
Instantly embed your recorded images in realtime via your clipboard.
Share your images from external applications (e.g. from your phone's image gallery)

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About Image Copy - Phone to PC Clipboard

Key Features
📱 Take photos with your phone using the linked Android app
💻 The images appear in the clipboard of your PC
📋 Paste the images anywhere on your PC (e.g. by CTRL+V)

📱 Easy pairing mechanism with your phone
🖼️ Quick transfer of images from your phone to your PC clipboard in real-time
📰 Simple inserting of images in any desktop app by using one click
⏱️ Efficient by avoiding manual transfer, selection and copying
🔒 Secure by signing-in using your Google account on your phone

How does it work?
1️ Install & run this desktop application on your PC
2️ Install & run the mobile app on your phone & sign-in with your Google account
3️ Pair the mobile and desktop app
4️ Take photos with the app → they appear in your PC’s clipboard
5️ Now you can paste the image into the desktop app of your choice

Possible Application Areas
⭐ Business analysis documentations: Create real-time documentations/protocols by incorporating taken images in real-time
⭐ Meeting minutes: Enhance real-time meeting protocols by including images of physical drafts (e.g. flipchart, whiteboard, hand-written papers, etc)
⭐ Others: In all other cases where you want to immediately transfer your recently taken image to your PC

Key features

  • Take a photo with your smartphone and simply insert it via CTRL+V on your laptop.