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About ImageSieve

Imagine all the images and videos taken by you and your family with your cameras and smartphones. From time to time, it makes sense to organize these in a common photo library in a way that you can easily retrieve them afterwards and not keep duplicate or bad images. ImageSieve can assist in that: just put all those images and videos in a single folder, open the folder with ImageSieve, mark the images and videos as discarded which are not worth keeping, define some major events in the time period (like a birthday, a trip or a wedding), select a target folder and ImageSieve will do the work for you. You can always stop your work and resume later, since your progress is automatically saved.

To help with the process, ImageSieve will mark images as similar which are taken close to each other in time. This is useful to avoid duplicates and bad images. It can also try to find images which are similar to each other in terms of content.

Key features

  • Browse images from a folder structure in the order of their creation
  • Select which images to discard
  • Images which resemble each other and images being taken within a customizable number of seconds are considered similar and are highlighted to support sorting
  • Manage events with a name, a start and an end date for the images to sort to automatically assign the images to an event
  • Discarded images and events are saved so that the sorting process can resume later
  • Sieve the images by either deleting discarded ones, copying or moving kept images to a target folder
  • Supports plenty of image formats (jpg, tiff, gif, bmp, webp, png), many raw image formats and videos in mp4, avi, mov and mts format