Income and Tax Planner

Income and Tax Planner

Filing status and children
Income and Retirement
Ability to modify plan
Income and Tax summary along with data table.
Tax chart along with table.
Effective tax rate chart and table
Income chart and table.
Filing status table.
Deductions and exemptions chart and table.
Tax credits chart and table.

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About Income and Tax Planner

The Income and Tax Planner application is a sophisticated calculator that takes into account your income, retirement income, and the tax code to project your year to year income and taxes. Taxes take into account taxable income, taxable social security income, investment income and child tax credits calculating your federal tax, state tax, and social security/medicare tax. The tool has a nice graphical output and tables to show details on income and tax summary, taxes, effective tax rates (state and federal), income, filing status, deductions and exemptions and tax credits. The tool gives you the ability to modify your plan, year by year, as needed to custom a plan specific for your life situation. A very nice, handy, income and tax calculator.

Key features

  • Income and expense projections
  • Social security/pension income projections
  • Yearly tax projections for federal and state
  • Effective tax rates
  • Graphical displays
  • Calculation tables