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About Ingvilt

Have you ever wanted to keep track of a large list of videos, TV shows or movies that you wanted to watch, while also being able to easily view details such as all of the characters and actors that appear in those videos? Ingvilt allows you to easily do this by entering in information about the following data types:

  • Videos: can be used to represent essentially any kind of video. This includes internet videos, episodes of a TV show, a movie, a sports match, a stream, etc.
  • Series: can be used for purposes such as representing TV shows or Movie franchises, or gaming walkthroughs. Videos can be part of any series that you have created
  • Publishers: can be used for companies or people who create series or videos
  • Characters: can be used to track the characters who appear in a video, such as the characters inside of a TV show or a movie
  • Creators: people that played a role in the creation of a video. This includes writers, actors, directors, etc.
  • Locations: any fictional or real-world locations that appear in videos
  • Playlists: keep track of ordered lists of videos

With this application, you can keep track of some pre-defined details about the data types mentioned above. For videos, this includes information such as:

  • the title
  • a description of the video
  • the series (such as a TV show) that the video is a part of
  • when it was released
  • how long it is
  • how many times you have watched it
  • where you can watch it from
  • whether you want to watch it in the future
  • how other people rated the video, and how you rate the video
    The only required detail about videos is the title, so you can choose to only enter limited amounts of information if you wish.

You can also insert images, videos, or even web URLs into the application as media files. Valid media files that the application supports can be attached to individual data types as preview covers.

This application also includes a tagging system, where you can create character tags or media tags. Tags can be used for categorizing data that you have created. Character tags can only be applied to characters, and an example usage can be creating character tags for several personality types, and attaching relevant types to a character. Media tags can be applied to videos, series, and media files. Examples of media tags that you could possibly create includes TV show or movie genres such as “Fantasy”, “Historical”, “Fiction”, etc.

There is also a search system, where you can search for videos, series, media files, and characters. You can conduct searches by specifying a list of search criteria that all results must meet.

If you are a programmer, check out for the source code for this application’s back-end layer.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is not a video player. It is used for storing details about videos.

ACCESSIBILITY DISCLAIMER: Some UI elements change their color to match your system’s accent color, but other elements will always be the color blue unless you are in high contrast mode. With animations disabled, some animations such as elements fading into visibility will still be present. If these may cause a health issue for you, please refrain from using this application.

Key features

  • Create libraries to keep track of videos, characters, series, locations, and other data related to videos
  • Create tags and apply them to videos, characters, series, and media files
  • Locally upload media files such as images, videos, and even website URLs into the application to attach them to other data types
  • Search for videos, characters, series, and media files by using supported query conditions
  • Replace the text that gets displayed in the UI for the video, series, character, and publisher data types for each library
  • Keep track of characters that appear in videos
  • Keep track of video creators such as writers, actors, and directors
  • Attach locations to videos
  • Open local videos in the default application that plays them on your computer from inside the application
  • Open web videos in the default web browser on your computer from inside the application
  • Edit the details for most created entities
  • Create playlists and add videos to them, and also re-order videos inside of playlists
  • Create video lists inside of series to represent seasons of TV shows
  • Import/export libraries and media files in JSON format (experimental feature that may have some issues)
  • Attach media files to the cover of data types, and also attach multiple media files to videos, locations, and characters
  • Temporarily or permanently delete most data types
  • Keep track of videos that you have watched or want to watch, how many times you have watched each video, and the last date that videos were watched at
  • Keep track of series that you want to watch in the future