IOUO Toolkit

IOUO Toolkit

Add detail debt showing adding a new contact
IOUO main screen with message to add a  debt
Adding a personal biweekly periodic loan
Creating multiple debts for multiple borrowers
Optional email sent to borrowers with debt details
Repaying a debt
Tip calculator with option to create a debt
Consolidated contact debt report
Setting the tooltip help preference by clicking on the "IOUO TOOLKIT MENU ..." on the main screen

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Personal finance

About IOUO Toolkit

The IOUO Toolkit is an easy to use “I Owe You Owe” personal record management application. It monitors bi-directional personal debts such as personal loans and borrowed items. It tracks full and partial payments, maintains the repayment history of each debt and automatically decline debt balances.

It reminds you when your debts or borrowed items are past due or coming due.

IOUO is easy to use, works with a keyboard and mouse, and designed for the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Touch user interface to give you a great user experience.

A fully functional 15 days trial is available.

Key features

  • Ability to create and manage bi-directional personal debts
  • Ability to identify types of personal debts (loans and borrowed items)
  • Ability to identify the IOUO application owner as the primary payer
  • Separate debts owed to me by contacts, and debts owed by me to contacts
  • Summarize and total debts owed to me by contact
  • Ability to add and manage multiple bi-directional debts for a single contact
  • Ability to record and manage bi-directional periodic payments
  • Ability to record and manage bi-directional partial payments
  • Provide a view of debt record details
  • Provide a view of partial payment history
  • Provide a view of recurring debt payment history
  • Send email communication to contacts with debts owed to me
  • Ability to identify overdue bi-directional debts
  • Ability to mark debts as repaid
  • Able to create and manage a list of IOUO contacts
  • Ability to calculate total shared debts (aka Tip Calculator)
  • Ability to automatically create individual debts for multiple contacts
  • Ability to add a note to each debt record
  • Provide access to a currency conversion tool
  • Help preference shows tool tips on each IOUO screen.