IPCam Pro

IPCam Pro

Remote access to your computer's webcam.
Professional features such as motion detection, night vision, motion-triggered recording, multiple camera/audio selection, etc.
Built-in webcam recorder that lets you record and playback video/audio.
Live viewing from another computer using its web browser.  (Not a direct screenshot of the app itself, but a screenshot of the web browser when viewing the app).
Remote viewing of previously recorded camera videos.  (Not a direct screenshot of the app itself, but a screenshot of the web browser when viewing the app).

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About IPCam Pro

IPCam Pro turns your Windows computer/tablet/phone into a IP surveillance camera. Run IPCam Pro on your Windows device, and via Wi-Fi network, you can view live images captured by your system’s built in camera (or any compatible USB camera) on web browser from any computer.

The app supports standard MJPEG streaming, so you can also use it with any IP camera viewer software.

IPCam Pro has professional surveillance features such as motion detection and remote recording. IPCam Pro can be set up to do motion triggered recording and automatic recording upload to OneDrive. You can also remotely view previously recorded video from another computer.

You can use IPCam Pro as a home surveillance tool, or a simple baby monitor. Just point your device’s camera to the area you want to monitor, and view it with a computer from another room.

IPCam Pro works with your home Wi-Fi network, and you can view it from any other computer on the same home network. You can also set up remote viewing from an external computer.


  1. Start IPCam Pro on your device.
  2. Take a note on the URL access address shown by IPCam Pro.
  3. For Wi-Fi remote viewing, enter the same URL address into the web browser from another computer on the same Wi-Fi network.

Key features

  • Live video streaming from your computer/tablet (video only; audio is not streamed).
  • View from web browsers on any operating systems (without audio).
  • View from mobile devices such as iPhone/iPad using built-in browser.
  • Simutanious view from multiple computers.
  • Night vision mode.
  • Motion detection using sophisticated mathematical models.
  • Automatic trigger video and audio recording.
  • Selectable video quality from VGA to HD.
  • Recording playback and export.
  • Surface tablet support, including both front and back cameras.
  • Selectable camera and audio devices to monitor and record.
  • Built-in webcam recorder for manual recording and playback.
  • Automatic recording upload to Microsoft OneDrive.
  • Login and password protection.
  • Dynamic DNS support, so that you can connect using a domain name instead of IP address.
  • Support standard MJPEG streaming, so you can use it with any IP camera viewer software.