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iWinScore4u Pro

iWinScore4u Pro
iWinScore4u Pro
iWinScore4u Pro
iWinScore4u Pro
iWinScore4u Pro
iWinScore4u Pro
iWinScore4u Pro

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About iWinScore4u Pro

Welcome to iWinScore4u Pro. The app is a digital sheet music reader and song library management tool. It is an upgraded version of the popular app iWinScore4u for Musicians which was published for years and widely used by users. After years of experience, feedback, recommendations from users and issues with the app, this new version is being perfected. Its functions, layouts and performance have been greatly improved to suit musical students and musicians.

iWinScore4u Pro adopts more modern styles of UI design. Graphical user interface is used as much as possible, making everything easy to operate without loss of processing efficiency. It must be an easy-to-use and reliable software with noticeable prompts. So error-proofing and error-correction are specially considered in the design. A number of ways of page turning are available to relieve users of the burden of their hands. In addition, in use practice many users ask to solve remote control of backing tracks’ playback with a limited resource. The app now supports resource configuration by specifying action of each pedal of a Bluetooth or USB page turner or controller.

The app has made big changes in editing annotations so that less operations are now required. It is especially useful in the case where a large number of annotations would be added to the song. The app provides built-in audio recorder, audio player and video player. These indispensable facilities let users to play backing tracks during performance or play their recordings for some purposes in their practice.

If you are a user using the old app version and interested in this new one, this app will ensure that you are able to continue your previous work effortlessly. The app supports importing song library.

The app provides a trial version. It may come as a surprise to some of you. At the very beginning when you use it, all functions are available. Of course, some limits exist. It is recommended that you get the paid version to let you access all features.

Key features

  • Importing and displaying digital sheet music in PDF format.
  • Song library management tools
  • Score pages may be viewed in Single page, two pages, half page and two-half page display mode.
  • Settings according to user’s preference or application needs.
  • Supporting both landscape and portrait orientations.
  • Supporting cropping and annotations on score pages
  • A variety of ways of page turning: by hand, by foot and automatically
  • More features for page turning, like skipping points, jumping points, bookmarks, slider, etc.
  • Built-in facilities such as metronome, recorder, audio player and video player.
  • Supporting library backup, restore and importing.