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About jBudgetV

jBudgetV provides a simple-to-use application to manage a budget by category over a user specified timeline. The user is presented with three unique interfaces for transaction entry, budget setup, and tracking history. The Transaction user interface provides data entry by date, name , category, and subcategory with all data being maintained in a local database. The Budget Profile user interface provides entry for each category allocated amount and tracking flag. The user can set the start and ends dates for tracking and budget alerts (color coded alert when budgeted items are reduced to a selectable percentage of the categories budget amount). Budgets can be reset or deleted through the Budget Profile user interface. The Tracking display shows each category budget amount, budget spent, and remaining budget and shows a color-coded alert around the category remaining budget as appropriate: transparent when budget is within limits, yellow when the budget falls within the alert percentage, blue when the budget is met, and red when the budget is exceeded. The Tracking display also shows the users current balance, total remaining budget allocated and available assets for other purchases.

Key features

  • Manage a budget
  • Enter transactions and record in database
  • Provides a method for educating young users on advantages of using a budget
  • Transactions entered can be edited or deleted