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About jMoneyIII

jMoneyIII is an electronic ledger that provides functionality associated with maintaining a transaction database for a small organization, or for personal use.
The user will be required to enter a directory for each transaction database maintained and can switch between databases by selecting to go back to the directory entry screen. Transactions can be entered as deductions or deposits or as a check entry. The application maintains the check number entered and automatically updates to the next number. Transactions entered are displayed in a current entry list and profile list showing all transactions associated with the current entry. Transactions can also be displayed in a ledger format. All displayed transaction formats can be individually selected and updated or deleted. Additionally, transactions can be shown as categorized Assets and Liabilities with totals. Note that downloading or updating this app on your PC will delete any previous jMoneyIII database files generated. Therefore it is recommended that the Transaction Database and SavedData Database files be archived regularly.

The Transaction Profile display allows display of all transactions for a selected Name. The list displayed can be further filtered for a particular time frame. This allows access to transaction previously entered for modification or deletion.

Icons used for control buttons are from Silk Icons and can by found at the following link:

Key features

  • Multiple account ledgers
  • Transaction database
  • Transaction profiles per category
  • Transaction filtering process
  • Assets and liabilities calculations
  • Transaction editing/deletion
  • Electronic ledger