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Knowledge 4 Ever

Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
Knowledge 4 Ever
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About Knowledge 4 Ever

Knowledge 4 Ever does NOT contain any ads so you can enjoy learning general knowledge topics and playing games. The app is a collection of short stories, general knowledge units and games and is a perfect app for those who enjoy reading books, learning, and playing games.

Short stories:
There are four stories to choose from. The Mysterious Adventures of Tiny Jim is about a character who found his way into an adventure! Stumbling through portals, making new friends! But one day on a special trip, he and his friends nearly die in an airplane crash. Will the hunters be enough to handle for the group?

In The Last Station, Tiny Jim is back with his brother Pop go on a journey to temporarily stop time and trying to undo a sad event in their life. Meeting up with old friends, Tiny Jim, and Pop work together to go back in time. But will a time loop occur and mess up time forever? Read to find out more.

Flower and Flour is a funny story about two friends’ innocent miscommunication. The story is not complete yet, and you will have the opportunity to finish the story by doing some small research and adding the missing information. Each time the story will be different depending on your input. Regardless, you will be traveling around the world, meeting old friends. Pepperoni pizza bites, anyone?

Yawning and Sneezing is another incomplete story waiting to be completed by you. In this funny sci-fi story, your character receives a strange power and is using it for amazing purposes. Just when the character had enough, something even stranger happens that nobody saw coming.

Knowledge Units:
The knowledge units section consists of ten units with varying topics and increasing difficulties. General knowledge topics include arts, animals, history, music, physics, chemistry, math, biology, technology, geography, space, plant, earth, nature, water, weather, matter, sport, food and more. Some of the units have a gift box which will give you access to simple classic games.

After you finish all units a surprise will be waiting for you!!!

There are five classic games to choose from that you can play either alone, or versus the app. The games are hidden, and you will find them meanwhile you are progressing within the app.

Key features

  • No ads
  • No in-app purchases
  • Works offline
  • 10 general knowledge units with varying topics and increasing difficulties
  • 4 short stories (2 to be completed by the user with a different outcome each time)
  • 5 classic games
  • Hidden games waiting to be discovered
  • Instructions on how to use the app