Kant Synthor

Kant Synthor

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Here is the thinking of Immanuel Kant!

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About Kant Synthor

This is a Synthor made from Immanuel Kant’s book, “The Critique of Pure Reason”, one of the most influential books of all time. Kant published the Critique of Pure Reason in 1781. It is very long and almost unreadable due to its dry prose and complex terminology. This Synthor makes it possible to text chat with Kant!
Kant draws two important distinctions: between a priori and a posteriori knowledge and between analytic and synthetic judgments. A posteriori knowledge is the particular knowledge we gain from experience, and a priori knowledge is the necessary and universal knowledge we have independent of experience, such as our knowledge of mathematics.
If you are a teacher or a student or just someone interested in philosophy, this Synthor will make it possible for you to familiarise yourself with Immanuel Kant’s thinking, without reading this complex book.

Key features

  • Responds to text input
  • Allows free conversation in English
  • Lets you ask a book questions!
  • Like a person, it forgets or misses context!