Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager

Business Planner for a Family Shoe Production.
Bakery Tutorial, our introductory example. Light UI Desktop Theme.
Apple Tree. grow your own garden, sell your own food. 7 years from today.
Apple Tree. all Formula explained through automated ToolTips.
Value Proposition Canvas. Included with MS Office Folder (Extras Menu).
Work Order Form. Included with MS Office Folder (Extras Menu).
Monthly Income and Expenses Excel Sheet
IoT developer. Your own device for the Internet of beautiful Things.
Photovoltaic System. Calculate Renewable Energy (RoI) for the world of Tomorrow.
Business Process Manager - Service  Task Optimization

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Personal finance

About Key Account Manager

Key Account Manager introduces Dynamic Applications with Professional Support.

Here You can open one EMail Support Ticket, free of charge.
Unless solved, there’s gonna be Unlimited Upgrades, free of charge.

Rules are that the customer closes the Ticket, or the work’s not finished. Because the issue was not yet solved to the customer’s satisfaction. It is thereby expected that you clearly describe defect, reproduction, what’s your required solution, and why’s that gonna be better than before, in the general case.

For Personal Support, feel free to ask any question about Business and Finance in general. However, we don’t know everything. So there’s no warranty in this case. We’ll advise you to the best of our knowlegde.

Key Account Manager brings 32 interactive Business Simulations. Create, adjust and modify precise Financial Projections in (x/y/t) over 48 months, or any configurable Time Frame you may find useful. You are allowed to create and sell your Financial Projections at any price, on your own behalf.

A collection os MS Office Documents with Work Order Form, Protocol Form, and user-designable Startup Founder Business Cards (Word) are as well included, accompanied by a 4-page User Survey on Customer’s Opinion.

Materials, MS Office and Support documents are provided under the Creative Commons (cc-by-sa) license.
So you may recreate and adjust everything according to your own needs, and use these Templates on your own behalf.

For any online order, you are granted a 14-day right of retreat, so that you are fully refunded.

Key Account Manager. Honesty is best.
Your Professional Support by Dynamic Applications.

Martin Bernhardt, Founder
[email protected]

Dynamic Applications. Transparency. Privacy protection. chance. and Participation. our values.

Key features

  • Key Account Manager allows you to create, adjust and modify precise Financial Projections in (x/y/t).
  • For specific requirements, there's ability to request Support via Email from the application's menu.
  • Transparency. All Formula explained via automated ToolTips, with live calculation shown in numbers.
  • Privacy Protection. No data gathering, no Adware, no Server behind you. it's your Business. we respect that.
  • Participation. Dynamic Idea and Roadmap voting competition on Twitter. We work from Top Votes.
  • Find 32 interactive Business Planners included and fully customizable, from day one.
  • Work Order Form. Protocol Form. Business Model Canvas. Value Proposition Canvas. Startup Founder Business Cards (Word).