Kids Spelling Learning

Kids Spelling Learning

Kids Spelling Learning
Kids Spelling Learning
Kids Spelling Learning
Kids Spelling Learning
Kids Spelling Learning

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About Kids Spelling Learning

Kids Spelling Learning helps Kids to learn English spellings and improve their word power. All the commonly used words are included. This is helpful for class 1 to class 5 students. Using this application, they can learn spellings of 3 letters to 11 letters. Kids can learn to spell and pronounce English Spellings.

All the spellings are categorised for easy to understand and learning. Kids can learn themselves without anyone’s help. This is real English Spelling fun game.

Kids can learn and spell by daily practice. This can help them to improve the English word vocabulary. All the spelling has its picture for easy to learn. Kids need to enter spelling of given picture. They can use help option if they don’t know the spelling.

Application interface is very beautifully designed so kids can easily understand. Using backspace, they can easily delete wrongly entered letter and using erase button they can remove whole word they typed. Pronounce button can help to learn how to pronounce the spelling. There are options to skip the spellings next or previous.


  • Help for all the spellings.
  • Beautifully designed keyboard for kids.
  • Spellings with pictures.
  • Many commonly used words.
  • Fee spelling learning game.
  • Can skip the spelling.

Spellings Categories
Alphabets, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers
Numbers, Body Parts and Birds
Months and Days
Shapes and Colours
Three, Four, Five and Six letters words
Doctor and Hospital items
Kitchen items
Planets and Space
Computer parts
Living Room
Indoor and outdoor Activities
Water Animals
Food Items

Key features

  • 35 Spelling Categories
  • Help for all the spellings.
  • Fee spelling learning game.
  • Spellings with pictures.
  • Kids Spelling Learning