Lantern Chess on ICC

Lantern Chess on ICC

Lantern Chess on ICC
Lantern Chess on ICC
Lantern Chess on ICC
Lantern Chess on ICC
Lantern Chess on ICC
Lantern Chess on ICC

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About Lantern Chess on ICC

Play, watch, chat and learn chess at the Internet Chess Club as a member, trial, or guest. If no account, connect as guest to play with no signup. Optionally analyze played games when done with Stockfish and a book. Both members and guests can use analysis and the book. Some features:

Access to latest ICC Chess Videos on Activities Window’s Event List for members
Quick access to ICC examine mode on Game Menu for members and unregistered guests
Turn Play
Opening Explorer Option on Options menu to use in Examine Mode
Engine Analysis Option when Examining or Observing
Circle and Arrow support in Examine Mode
Setup positions with Examine Mode Palette
Saves all played games to a PGN game collection
Can save all watched games to PGN on Game/ PGN menu
Opens PGN game collections in Examine Mode
Tournament Support for members
Take chess lessons with ICC coaches in-app
Watch international chess broadcasts live or examine games later
Watch High rated top games for members
Numerous pieces and board choices
Play with sign up or no sign up
Chat support members including access to channel one(help) for members and guests
Board communication makes it easy to talk to a chess coach
Chess problems with Trainingbot and ProblemBot on Seek Graph or Activities Window for members and guests
Endgame bots on seek graph for members and guests
Built in lag compensation software(timestamp)
Country flags on board
In-App Help accessible from Help menu

Lantern Chess  seeks to be a complete chess app, not just online play. All games are logged that are played, and there is the ability to load and examine them with engine analysis to study and learn a bit from last games. The Top Games Option on Toolbar lets users watch high rated games which is also designed as a way to improve in chess by watching. Current chess instructional videos can be accessed on the Event list on Activities Window on ToolBar to learn from masters.

The Opening Book on Options menu to use when examining( guests can use this too) is made from 220,000 master over the board games were both players are rated over 2300.

Lantern has been used for lessons by many students on ICC and supports circles and arrows in examine mode and chat with teacher via kibitzes.

Key features

  • Chess Videos
  • Correspondence or Turn Play
  • Opening Explorer
  • Engine Analysis
  • Setup Positions
  • Saves to PGN
  • Opens PGN
  • Tournament Support
  • Chess Lessons
  • Watch International Chess Broadcasts
  • Watch High Rated Online Games
  • Numerous Pieces and Board Choices
  • Play with signup or no signup
  • Chat
  • Chess Problems
  • In-App Help