Lenovo Smart Appearance

Lenovo Smart Appearance

Lenovo Smart Appearance
Lenovo Smart Appearance

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About Lenovo Smart Appearance

Lenovo Smart Appearance helps you enhance camera effects to protect your privacy and improve personal appearance , especially for video conferencing. This version adds Eye Contact Correction and Face framing features; It is supported on part of Lenovo Notebook products, Lenovo Desktop products.
Note: This software requires an up-to-date driver version to run normally. When the software is updated, it automatically checks the driver version. If the driver version is out of date, you must follow the prompts to install the latest version and restart the system before using the software.
Lenovo products supported:Yoga Slim 9 14IAP7, Yoga 9 14IAP7, Yoga 7 14IAL7, Yoga 7 14ARB7, Yoga 7 16IAH7, Yoga 7 16IAP7, Thinkbook13s, Thinkpad E, ThinkBook Plus Gen 2, ThinkBook 13x, ThinkBook 14p Gen 2, ThinkBook 16p Gen 2, ThinkBook 14 Gen 3, ThinkBook 15 Gen 3, ThinkBook 15p Gen2…

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