Lift This 5-3-1 Strength Plan

Lift This 5-3-1 Strength Plan

You finished week 1, day 4 with 9 plus set reps.  Plus set reps are the key to building strength in the 5-3-1 system.  Monitor the scoreboard to keep track of progress.  Your next lift is shown in green.  Follow the green through the 4 week cycle.
Press, hold and release any set in the plan.  LiftThis shows you all the possible ways to build the barbell.
Press, hold and release any day to enter your 1 rep max load.  The 4 week program is created from your 1 rep max load entries.
GYM TOOL: Weight calculator tells you how much weight is on a bar.  Just touch the plates and the bar that you see.
GYM TOOL: Plate combos helps you find the plates that you need when doing extra work beyond the 5-3-1 plan.  Just key in the weight that you want to lift.
Every gym has a different bar inventory.  Just tell LiftThis which bars are in your gym.
Every gym has a different plate inventory.  Just tell LiftThis which plates are in your gym.
Rearrange the lift days in any sequence you prefer.  You can also add new lifts.
Help includes: Quick Start, What is 5-3-1, Getting Started, The Next Cycle, GO WORKOUT!, Your Bars and Plates, Gym Tools, and Keyboard Shortcuts.

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About Lift This 5-3-1 Strength Plan

Get Strong! But how much weight? How many reps? How often? No need to guess anymore. Lift-This guides you through the popular 5-3-1 strength building plan. Just establish your starting 1 rep max for each of the 4 lifts. Then LiftThis automatically computes your 4 week strength building plan. Just follow the plan.

BONUS: LiftThis computes all of the possible plate combinations at each weight point. For example, you could put 2, 45 pound plates on a 45 pound bar to make 135 pounds. Or, 2 35s and 2 10s. Or, 2 25s and 4 10s, etc. LiftThis always tells you which plates to go get. You know, just in case the plate hog at the other end of the gym is hording all the plates again and you can’t find 2 45s.

EXTRA BONUS: Ever look at a barbell with a bunch of plates on it and wonder how much it weighs? LiftThis will tell you with Weight Calculator. Just touch the bar and plates that you see and voila!

DOUBLE BONUS: Want to do 165 pound cleans but you’re so winded that you can’t subtract the bar weight from 165 let alone divide by 2? LiftThis can help with Plate Combos. Just key in 165, select a bar weight and LiftThis will show you all of the possible plate combinations that make a 165 pound barbell.

TRIPLE BONUS: Now you can add additional lift days beyond the 4 original 5-3-1 lifts in case you want to apply the same formula to other lifts.

Key features

  • Automatically computes and manages the 5-3-1 Lift Plan over the four week cycle.
  • Copy a completed plan to the next cycle. Lift-This copies the results from the last cycle to the new cycle. Adjust your 1 rep max loads and go workout.
  • Computes all possible plate combinations for a given weight point. Go get those plates, put them on the bar, and get to work.
  • Gym tools help you do math in the gym. Touch the plates and bar that you see to compute its weight. Enter weight to lift then select a bar to see the plate combos.
  • Manage the plate and bar inventory to match what's in your gym and to match what works for you.
  • Help explains how the plan works and how to get started.