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Lists and Tasks
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About Lists and Tasks

Lists and Tasks is a super simple yet incredibly powerful task manager and to-do list app. It will definitely help you manage your work and life.

🏅 “…one of the best apps you can use to plan your personal and work schedule. This app has a lot of task management features and its UI is nothing short of classic.”
Use Lists and Tasks to:
• Use Quick Add to capture and schedule tasks as they pop into your mind for peace of mind.
• Use Lists and Tasks’s powerful everyday language recognition and recurring dates to add tasks like “check work email every day at 10am”.
• Available on any device, whether it’s an app, add-on or component, Lists and Tasks will quickly become your best task planner for managing your work and life.
• Assign tasks to others to collaborate on projects of any size. You can also add comments, voices and attachments to tasks. Planning has never been easier!
• Multiple project templates to help you follow up on anything (from meeting arrangements and tax work to packing lists and wedding plans).
• Set visual task priorities in your task list to see what matters most, making task management a breeze.
• Review your personalized productivity and task planning trends to better understand yourself.

Reasons to love it on Windows
• Lists and Tasks is beautifully designed and intuitive to get started.
• Stay organized on your device, while it syncs across desktop and other devices.
• Try typing something like “tomorrow at 4pm” and Lists and Tasks will help you identify it.

Use Lists and Tasks to plan or follow up on everything
• Daily reminder
• Habit formation
• Daily plan
• Weekly plan
• holiday plan
• Grocery shopping list
• project management
• Housekeeping records
• mission plan
• study plan
• Billing plan
• Shopping list
• Task management
• business plan
• To Do List
• and more

Lists and Tasks is flexible and powerful enough to meet all your needs for a task plan or to-do list. Lists and Tasks can help you manage your work and life.

Key features

  • • Daily reminder
  • • Habit formation
  • • Daily plan
  • • Weekly plan
  • • Holiday plan
  • • Grocery shopping list
  • • Project management
  • • Housekeeping records
  • • To Do List