New charting engine allows you to visualize your child's growth and behaviour.
Several new actions including recording naps, height, weight and temperature.
Editing actions is now context sensitive.
Enhanced layout and further information about your little one.
LittleLittle Lite!

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About LittleLittle

Little one crying again? When did you last feed her? Does he need changing? Time for a sleep? LittleLittle can help.

Visiting the paediatrician? How often is the little one going to the toilet? Are they eating and drinking enough? LittleLittle can help.

Started potty training? When does the little one normally need to use the potty? How are they progressing? Any accidents recently? LittleLittle can help.

Need to remember the thousand and one little things needed to care for your little one on a daily basis? LittleLittle really can help.

LittleLittle is an app for those undertaking the monumental task of caring for babies and toddlers on a daily basis. Whether you’re a parent, nanny or professional child carer, LittleLittle can help you ensure your little one gets off to the best possible start.

By helping to record the little one’s activities, LittleLittle provides a history of actions that can be used to inform, learn about and, in time, predict your little one’s needs. LittleLittle can remind you when it’s time to do common activities like change your little one’s nappy or provide them food/drink. And LittleLittle can help you ensure your little one receives the right medication at the right time.

Of course, picking up your phone or tablet when you already have your hands full with your little one isn’t always realistic. This is why LittleLittle has been fully integrated with Cortana. Simply tell Cortana what has happened and she’ll record an action for you.

Key features

  • Record all your little one's actions
  • See a history of actions for the last week
  • Be reminded when you should perform certain actions
  • Visualize your little one's progress in various charts
  • Use Cortana to record actions when your hands are full