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About Lo And Behold

Lo and Behold is a network tracking tool that will enable users to track their Internet traffic from any App, Browser, Cookie or plugin, hidden anywhere on your machine.
If there is a program of any kind reaching out to the internet from your machine, Lo and Behold will find it.
Unlike most monitoring tools Lo and Behold runs below any other program on the system to avoid any interference with your current setup.
It takes the minimal amount of system resources, and always gives other programs priority to the CPU and will never take any performance away from your favorite MMORPG!
Plus you’ll know where that MMORPG is sending you to out on the net. My guess is China! 😊

Not only will it keep track of the program, talking to the net, on your machine but it will tell you the machine it’s talking to out in the internet, right down to the machine name in the Country, region and City it resides.

Ever wonder where Skype bounces before it makes your call? You would be very surprised!
Ever wonder who those advertisers are? Ever wonder who owns those annoying pop-ups?

Lo and Behold will show you in real time your bandwidth traffic, incoming and outgoing. If your machine is hijacked and used in a DoS attack, Lo and Behold can help you track down the offending program.
In future updates, Lo and Behold can even stop a flagged program from ever running on your system again.

Lo And Behold can display more system information than most users need in an effort to supply everyone with as many tools as possible to ensure internet security.

Lo and Behold will keep a running log of every single program that talks to the outside world.
The data is yours and will never be shared by my Application.
Privacy is paramount, that’s why I wrote this App!

-Ron Barnes

Key features

  • Monitor Real Time Network Traffic
  • Track any program, app or cookie talking to the internet
  • Know who your computer is talking too
  • Keep a history of all you network apps
  • A useful tool to identify belligerent apps and programs
  • Extensive system information at your fingertips
  • Even hidden files are found if they talk to the internet!
  • And More