Pro Microphone Loop

Pro Microphone Loop

Pro Microphone Loop
Pro Microphone Loop
Pro Microphone Loop

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About Pro Microphone Loop

The Loop Microphone is perfect for aspiring singers or those who want to be heard. With this tool, you can make your voice sound louder and clearer during rehearsals, singing exercises, concerts, or karaoke parties. You can record and save all of your songs, and choose from different microphone types with unique sound effects, such as studio, condenser, or dynamic mics. The microphone also features sound recording capabilities, various backing tracks, an equalizer, and automatic saves. It’s your chance to shine and showcase your talents with the Loop Microphone. If you will make a good commend about app. I’ll make this app match better. I will be happy if you send to my email your feedback or your thinks about ‘What i need to do to improve this app’!

Key features

  • Loop Microphone
  • Recordings
  • Default Background Track
  • Custom Background Track
  • Solo Microphone
  • Reverb Effect for recorded loop
  • Echo - Delay effect for recorded loopo
  • Control Volume
  • Control Microphone gain
  • Without ads
  • Seven microphone type with uniq equalizer
  • Metronome
  • Equalizer