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About Luminar AI

Luminar AI is the first image editor fully powered by artificial intelligence. By focusing on results and making photo editing easy, accessible, and powerful, Luminar AI completely reinvents the traditional editing process. Discover helpful one-click Templates created by professional retouchers and photographers, an intuitive interface, and impressive tools powered by artificial intelligence.

Spend less time editing and achieve outstanding results. Because in Luminar AI, powerful doesn’t mean complex.

Try Luminar AI for free for 7 days before buying.

Focus on Your Story
With Luminar AI, all you need to know is WHAT you want to do. You can leave the HOW to AI. Forget about learning complicated tools for routine tasks. Luminar AI is all about results, not processes. It automates the most common editing tasks and simplifies complex workflows so you have more time to tell engaging stories with your photography.

Portraits That Touch Your Soul
Enhance the natural beauty of your portraits with revolutionary tools — no masking required. Iris AI lets you change eye color in a click. Choose natural colors or something creatively whimsical for eyes that look right into your soul. Body AI shapes bodies to perfection, adding or reducing weight where needed. Face AI lights up and slims faces, removes dark circles and red eyes, improves lip color, defines brows, and does even more.

Replace the Sky
A boring or flat sky can ruin a perfectly good photo. Replace the sky in one click, without masking or layers. Sky AI takes care of even the smallest details to make your new sky lifelike and stunning. Choose from an ample built-in collection of Skies or upload your own.

Lifelike 3D Weather Effects
Create a magical mood by adding realistic atmospheric effects — fog, mist, haze, steam, drizzle — with Atmosphere AI. Thanks to the world’s first technology of its kind that uses 3D depth of field, weather conditions you add to a photo will look like they’ve always been there, all without layers or masks!

Smart Template Suggestions
Luminar AI provides you with content-aware Template suggestions to help you give a fresh mood to your photos. Choose from dozens of Template collections for any photographic genre to fulfill your artistic vision.

Instantly Improve Your Images
Make dozens of essential adjustments in one move of a slider. Improve a photo in seconds with Accent AI and get realistic, natural results for photos worth sharing.

You’re Always in Control
Luminar AI is packed with incredible next-gen technologies, giving you more capabilities than any traditional photo editor. It lets you deliver your creative vision as fast as possible by taking care of dull and routine work. But don’t worry: You can still edit and fine-tune the results every step of the way, always having the final say in the images you create.


  • Work with raw images (support for 1000+ cameras)
  • Import and export all standard formats including PNG, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PSD, and PDF
  • Share directly to 500px and SmugMug
  • Adjust exposure, clarity, contrast, highlights, and shadows
  • Save and modify your own Templates
  • Erase unwanted objects
  • Enjoy 100+ powerful tools and features for creative and professional editing to create striking photos

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