Mani Calendar Budget

Mani Calendar Budget

Quickly see how much money you have left for a specific day. Mani will also tell you if you have exceeded your monthly budget quickly by specifying a monthly budget in each of the category and when your actual spending has reach your budget the category color will change to red.
Expense/Income – Classifies an entry if its an expense or an income type entry
Entry Date – The date of the the entry
Category – Category that the entry belongs to. 
Amount – The amount of the entry.
Note – You can type anything here to help you recall any information about the entry.
Category Management lets you add, edit or delete a category.

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About Mani Calendar Budget

Mani Calendar Budget app is a budgeting software or app for Windows 10 and is designed to make budgeting much easier and simpler.

Mani Calendar Budget can track and forecast your money by showing you day to day transactions and balance. It will help you make an informed decision when you want to buy something and not end up not having enough when a bill is due.

Key features

  • Easy budget planning
  • Budget forecasting
  • Calendar View
  • Calendar Budget
  • Recurring entries - Lets you add, edit and delete multiple entries at once
  • Backlup and restore database