MazikAX Cashier

MazikAX Cashier

Login screen based on user roles
Advance Search : based on name, customer id, Invoice
Assign current Batch to a different Cashier
Cashier Dashboard
List of past batches and transactions
All Invoices, Transactions of a Customer
Make a Payment based on different Tender Types
Graphical Representation of batch

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About MazikAX Cashier

Built for a diverse array of organizations like state and local governments, retail, manufacturers and more, MazikAX Cashier is a companion app developed on the Windows 8 platform for Microsoft Dynamics AX. MazikAX Cashier enables database consolidation, performs business logic and interacts bidirectionally with departments and payers in real time. Whether it’s a utility company, or a government collections department, payers can pay when it is convenient and complete all tasks in a single transaction. Finance can report on a transaction in the organization and IT only has to deal with one front end. This helps the payers, finance, every department in the enterprise.

Key features

  • Cashier Batch Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Payment Transactions
  • Reports
  • Roles Managment