MasterCook To Word

MasterCook To Word

MasterCook To Word
Customize recipe sections and styles.
Editing which recipe sections are included and the order in which they appear.
Editing a styles template which drives how recipe sections are formatted.
A sample Word document created by the app using built-in formatting defaults.

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About MasterCook To Word

Create Microsoft Word documents from MasterCook .mz2 and .mx2 recipe export files.

Very easy to use! Simply drag/drop (or copy/paste) as many MasterCook recipe files as you want into the main program window. The recipe files you drop may contain one or more recipes. A Microsoft Word document is created from each dropped file.

Using the combine option, you can have all the recipes in all the files you dropped combined and alphabetized into a single Word document.

The default formatting options produce very attractive Word documents which may be fine for many users. However, if you want more control over the formatting, click the User Guide button in the app for detailed instructions on how to do this. You can change which recipe sections appear and their order. If you have Word installed on your PC, you can also modify the styles used when formatting the sections.

Key features

  • • Produce Microsoft Word .docx documents from MasterCook .mz2 and .mx2 recipe files.
  • • Word documents include any pictures found in the MasterCook recipe files.
  • • Word documents with more than one recipe include a table of contents.
  • • Optionally combine all recipes in all MasterCook recipe files into a single, alphabetized Word document.
  • • Optionally Change which recipe sections are output and their order.
  • • Optionally modify the styles used to format the recipe sections (you must have Word on your PC to do this).
  • • Optionally produce Living Cookbook .fdx files from MasterCook files.