Extensive backtesting and viewing options for monte carlo generated models.
Show details of monte carlo random walks individually, for illustration purposes.
Drag sliders to slice through the probability surface at a given time and probability, to show price at that time & probability.
Default setup is to backtest your model first for 100 days backward in time.  You can choose how far back to do this backtest using the days withheld setting.
Once you have a good bulk backtest, you can do exhaustive Validation of this model by stepping it back in time, one day at a time, and viewing aggregate results in plot and report forms.
These screen shots show a summary report of a bulk backtest, and the ability to flip (price, probability) curve flat onto the (time, price) plane if 3D views make you dizzy.
If our model doesnt backtest well, we can tune the model by adjusting various parameters.  Our training course in slide-show format covers these model tuning features in detail.  By adjusting model tuning paramters and re-running model validations, we can zero-in on a model that backtests well before we use it to forecast.
After we are happy with our backtest and model validation, we can set the number of days withheld to zero and forecast forward into the future.
Extensive backtesting and viewing options for monte carlo generated models.

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About MCarloRisk3D

Monte Carlo price/probability forecaster with extensive backtesting and tuning, for stocks & crypto.

Resamples from empirical daily returns to generate forward-in-time monte carlo paths (random walks), with user-adjustable long memory modifications such as serial resampling and fractional differencing.

No distribution shape assumptions are needed, works with the empirical (“as seen in history”) returns distribution. This is especially useful for new assets such as crypto or more exotic equities such as TSLA that may not conform to normal or lognormal returns assumptions, especially in shorter time periods.

Brownian motion becomes Empirical motion in this app, since we use an empirical distribution.

Similarly, fractional Brownian motion becomes fractional Empirical motion in this app, for one of the long memory options.

Aggregates monte carlo paths into a (time, price, probability) surface. Allows user to move sliders to slice thru and examine this surface (e.g. price over time versus probability) and visualize the surface in 3D and with shaded contour plots.

Perform bulk backtests or exhaustive backtests to validate model.

At-a-glance summary metrics of backtests are computed to estimate model quality.
 Many model tuning parameters to adjust model to observed backtests:

  • adjust days backward to sample to pull from older or newer price history
  • add black swan events (symmetric or non symmetric)
  • tune skew and volatility of historical returns distribution
  • add long memory to the monte carlo paths (as noted above)

Set strike price to slice thru probability surface along the time axis to estimate probability over/under strike at a given time forward, or cumulatively up to a given time.

Estimate put/call prices using the model you build at various strikes and expiration days forward.

Detailed training and examples available online, noted in the Theory/Help tab of the app.

Raw price data from IEX Exchange or

Key features

  • Builds models from daily returns, not daily prices.
  • No returns distribution shape assumptions (e.g. normal / log normal).
  • Allows long memory models such as serial resampling and fractional empirical motion.
  • Supports several high market cap crypto currencies.
  • Extensive model backtesting and tuning features.
  • Strike price support (over/under strike probabilities) and put/call price estimation.
  • Extensive 3D viewing options of the probability surface for educational purposes.
  • Designed for high-res displays.
  • Put / call options grid displayed as bubbles on the forecast envelope